Cat Care Tips

Cat Care Tips

In many houses, cats are full-fledged family members, sometimes even members of royalty.  With their loyalty, their love, and their ability to comfort us, they are the best companions around.  Like other pets though, their hair or odors can leave an unwelcome footprint in anybody’s homes.  For better or for worse we clean up the spills and messes made by our kids (or our spouses!).  That usually means it’s up to us to clean up after our cats.  Luckily, there are plenty of products that make pet care a breeze.

Some Suggestions For Taking Care Of Your Cat.

Cat Litter Boxes

Most cats are generally low maintenance pets and require a minimum of daily care.  The biggest issue tends to be the litter box, that always present cat potty that no one wants to clean.  Litter boxes often contribute little to any home decor and can become a smelly nuisance if not taken care of.  Luckily, litter boxes available today, can bring a touch of whimsy to your interior design, along with a huge improvement in their efficiency over older models.

Some fun litter boxes come in an assortment of patterns and colors.  These can include bright solid colors, polka dots, leopard prints and silly, fun patterns.  A new design improvement has the litter tray door pull out, and a metal sifter rake pulls and lifts litter out of the tray for easy cleaning.  An ingenious design has the box in a triangular shape, allowing  you to easily place it in an otherwise unused corner space.

To make cat care even easier, self-cleaning litter boxes can be the answer. One style has an internal grill that traps used litter. Simply roll the enclosed litter box on its side and remove the waste tray.  An even more adventurous design takes self-cleaning to the next level by having a slow rotating system quietly but continuously scooping used cat litter into a receptacle.  To top off the shopping list is the ultimate litter box.  It is designed to automatically flush cat waste down your toilet. There is no cat litter used, this box uses permanent granules that are washable. After your cat uses the box, the granules are automatically washed, disinfected, and dried. Liquid and any solid waste are flushed down the toilet and are gone for good.

Kitty Litter

Surprisingly, many cats have a preference for one brand of kitty litter over another.  Starting with the right litter is important but not always easy to do, your cat may foil your best intentions.  You need to find kitty litter that can help eliminate odors while keep your cat healthy. Some kitty litters not only neutralize litter box odors, but also change color if your cat has a urinary tract infection.  When it comes to urinary tract infections, which can quickly become life threatening, early detection is critical. It’s also helpful to have information about a potential infection to give to your veterinarian.

Getting Rid Of Cat Hair

Yes, cats do shed.  Often the shedding is not noticeable at first but cat hair can be a problem.  There are plenty of people who love cats but suffer from allergies brought on by cat hair or dander.  Cat hair often clings to furniture, drape and clothes.   It will lay dormant until someone sits down, then the air will be filled with hair and dander.  Most products that help with shedding will take one of two approaches.  One approach is to work at the source of the problem (your furry feline).  The other approach is to help make the clean-up of car hair easier.

You can use a Furminator to get rid of cat hair.

Cats typically shed their undercoat (rather than the hair you see).  A great way to get rid of this hair is to use a product playfully named a FURminator.  This interesting product brushes out the dead hair from the undercoat while bringing your cat’s natural oils to the surface. It’s designed so that it won’t cut your cat’s skin but will remove dead skin cells and dander.  Another benefit of this type of product is that it helps stops obsessive self-cleaning,   meaning that your cat will not be bothered by hairballs as often.

Most cat care isn’t difficult but it is necessary so that both you and your cat are clean and comfortable.  Kitty litter is designed to help with smells and odors and tools to help get rid of excess cat hair are extremely helpful.