Choosing The Right Pet Carrier

Choosing The Right Pet Carrier

Pet Carriers: A Necessity When You Are on the Go

Whether you’re taking a trip to your local vet or a cross country journey with the family, how to travel with your pets can be a source of concern and worry.  The best pet travel carriers can make the journey less stressful for your beloved animals and less of an inconvenience for you.  The main difficulty can be finding out what is the best carrier for your cat or dog, both from a safety and a comfort point of view.  It also depends on how you are traveling and how long the trip is going to be.  Here are some pet carrier options that you may want to consider before your next trip.

Wheeled Pet Carriers

This type of pet carrier is almost always made of a solid, sturdy plastic shell and tends to be very durable.  Some of these units closely resemble travel luggage while others look like baby strollers or carriages.  You will appreciate a carrier that has both front and back zippered pet openings, as well as a mesh vented compartment.  Most of these carriers have collapsible handles and the latches are smooth with the shell surface.  Like a pet kennel on wheels, this is an all-purpose pet carrier.

Wheeled Pet Carrier

It’s very import to buy the correct size carrier for your pet.  Small carriers are typically designed for pets up to 8 pounds; medium sized carriers can comfortable handle a pet that weights up to 15 pounds while a large holds pets up to 30 pounds. The weight of your pet is not the only element in picking the appropriately sized container, the animals bulk matters as well.  Think of a chunky bulldog and how wide they are.  You will want a larger carrier for this type of pet.   You need to ask whether or not your pet will be comfortable and secure in the container.

Front Sling Pet Carriers

A front Sling pet carrier is a styled like a vest, allowing you to carry your pet hands-free will still keeping them still and safe.  Pet sling carriers are perfect for practically any small animal, especially small dogs who are always curious about what is going on around them.  You can snuggle your pet in the kangaroo pouch of this carrier and give them a sense of safety and security.

Pet Carrier Sling Pouches

When searching for a family pet sling carrier, look for one with adjustable well-padded shoulder straps, a waist strap for stability, a security leash collar attachment, and a firm cushioned bottom to keep your animal comfy. Some models have openings at the bottom that allow your pet’s legs and tail to hang out, giving them a sense of freedom.

Small Pet Carrier Totes

It seems like you see animals in toots everywhere today.  People love to take their pets with them and that is much easier to do with the advent of well designed small pet tote bags.  Some totes are simple and subdued in design, others have exotic decorations and are as much a fashion accessory as they are a practical pet carrier.  Once again, it is important that you have the proper sized tote to fit your pet’s needs.  Be wary of zippers, the rough edge can cut into your pet’s flesh if the bag gets bumped or dropped.

There are other types of pet carriers as well depending on what type of travel you are planning to do.  If you are traveling by car it is always best to have your pet, especially an active dog, in their carrier or dog seat, they should be buckled in.  Traveling by plane almost always means having your pet in a hard shell carrier with open and vented sides.  They will be traveling in the luggage compartment and comfort will be at a premium.  Make sure there is plenty of bedding for them to nestle into and have a few toys or other creature comforts to help them pass the time.