Every Kitty Needs A Litter Box

Every Kitty Needs A Litter Box

We all hate them, but every cat owner has to have one. Litter boxes are a fact of life if you have an indoor cat. They don’t have to be awful if you keep up with them and keep them clean.  Your cat is, by nature, a very clean pet and their litter tray should reflect that cleanliness.

Your Cat Needs A Litter Box

A litter box, sometimes referred to as a kitty litter box, cat box or litter tray, is basically an indoor urine and feces collection box specifically for indoor cats. These boxes are usually made of stainless steel, plastic, or metal and are designed to be placed under a low cabinet or table in the home so that the cat can go in there and empty its waste in a safe place. Training your cat to use their tray is one of the first things that a new pet owner will do.

The first step that needs to be taken when you have a cat  is to visit your local veterinarian. Have your pet’s complete history taken care of so that your vet will know what options are available to you regarding your pet’s health and well being. In some cases, depending on the severity of the issue, your vet might prescribe antibiotics or suggest that you change the type of cat box that you have. Many times, it is found that clumping litter, which is composed of a very dense trapping compound mixed with clay, is more effective than scooping or spreading litter. Anti-clumping litter also keeps away pests, like fleas, roaches and ants, from getting into the box where they will accumulate, as they will be unable to smell the cat’s scent as they would if they were to use the normal litter.

As with most things, though, it will take time for anti-clumping litters to become more widely available. The first phase of the shift is happening already. Cat owners across the country are discovering that these new types of boxes help their pets to eliminate successfully and that they do not smell. Anti-clumping litter has been available in stores for several years but has only recently been made available on the Internet. There are some health concerns involved, however, because of the chemicals that are used to create the clumping compound, but this may ease with time as more pet owners begin using them.

The Best Kitty Litter Boxes

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