Finding The Right Chew Toy

Finding The Right Chew Toy

Whether it’s rubber, nylon, plush, or plastic dog toys, durable dog toys are the main criteria you look for when deciding which dog toys are best for your pet. Many dog toys have been reviewed hundreds of times to bring you the toughest ones with the most durability. If you want to find the right dog toys to get your dog active and entertained, pick the ones that are made from strong materials and can withstand your dog’s constant gnawing. There are also collapsible dog toys available in the market today.

Tough Chew Toy For Dogs

Toys Can Entertain And Exercise Your Dog

Tug toys are a popular choice among dog owners as they can be used not only for playtime but for training as well. There are different types of tug toys such as softie style tug toys, hard plastic tug toys and canvas tug toys. The softie style tug toys are very good for puppies as they can grasp and pull on their own because they are softer than hard toys. However, most experts advise using tug toys only for older dogs as they can be dangerous for younger ones.

If you are looking for dog toys especially for chewing toys, nylon or vinyl toys are considered the safest toys for your pet as these are non-toxic. However, if you have a strong pup like a German shepherd or a Great Dane, it is advisable to use rope toys as these are ideal for chewer prone dogs. Apart from using soft toys or nylon or vinyl toys, you can also give your pup dog toys such as chew balls that can help them maintain a good balance and make their mouths less destructive.

Challenge Your Dog With Puzzle Chew Toys

Some toys not only entertain your pet, they also challenge them.  If you have a bored puppy, get them a toy that requires them to puzzle out what needs to be done.  There are quite of few of these toys available for dogs of all sizes and ages.  They work very well to keep your dog occupied for a while, plus it helps them figure out how to make that toy or puzzle work.  These toys can be great for training your dog as well.  Just hide some treats in the center of the puzzle, they will be rewarded when they figure out how to get to it.

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