Fun Feline Food Facts

Fun Feline Food Facts

Feline Food Fact # 1 Cats Need Protein

Protein is vital for your cat’s health, and typically comes from meat, fish or poultry. Pet food manufacturers like to say their key ingredient is mackerel, turkey or beef, but it may not in fact include those products. This will usually mean that it may not be rich in protein. It’s important to make sure the food you are feeding your cat has an adequate amount of protein in it.

Feline Food Fact # 2 Cat Food with Taurine

Taurine is a crucial amino acid needed in your cat’s diet, and you need to make sure that the cat food you buy includes this supplement. Felines manage their own levels and will let you know when their level is low. The food you are purchasing might not have adequate nutrients for a well-balanced diet if you feline is eating a lot. You can watch your pet’s weight by buying a nutrient abundant food as your cat will consume less and you might even conserve cash.

Some suggestions to help find the best cat food for your pet.

Feline Food Fact # 3 Canned or Dry Cat Food?

When your cat is alone for a long period of time, carb abundant dry food must be left out for them, along with a supply of fresh water. Both are necessary for a well-balanced diet, and a combination of both dry and canned food will keep vital nutrients in their diet.  It will also stop them from looking for food elsewhere.


Feline Food Fact # 4 Avoid fillers in cat food.

Protein is important for your cat as part of a balanced diet plan. Make sure the food you buy is rich in protein, and not heavily loaded with carbohydrates and other fillers utilized by manufacturers to increase volume. Always read the labels, grain should not be the number one ingredient in the food, it will provide empty calories.

You can control your cat’s weight by purchasing a nutrient rich food, they will consume less and you may even save a bit of money.