Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Dry Dog Food

Far too many dog food brands advertise themselves as natural but in truth add a lot of filler and processed ingredients to their dog foods.  We really like the Natural Balance Limited Ingredients dry dog food because they not only don’t use additives, they keep the number of ingredients to a minimum.  This can be especially important for dogs that have digestion problems.

Limited Ingredient Natural Dry Dog

One of the key features of this dry dog food is emphasis on salmon as the main ingredient.  By adding omega 3 oil found naturally in salmon you will improve your pet’s skin condition and help to give them a luxurious coat.  They will not only feel good, they will look good!

Help Your Dog Maintain A Luxurious Coat With This Dog Food.

Natural Balance uses a grain free recipe, guaranteeing that your pet won’t be eating fillers and unwanted cereals that are full of calories but have no nutritional value.  There is natural fiber added to help your dog’s digestion without creating the bowel issues that some chemical fibers can result in.  Besides salmon the other key ingredient in this dog food is sweet potato.  Combing the sweet potato with the salmon gives the food a great taste as well as being loaded with vitamins and minerals.

A Great Dog Food For Pets With Digestive Problems

Sometimes even the healthiest of puppies can have upset stomachs.  In other cases some dogs have ongoing stomach and digestive issues and their food may be contributing to the problem.  By feeding them natural dog food with very limited ingredients you can keep track of what you are feeding your pet and what ingredients may be causing problems.

Natural Balance is aimed at older dogs, not young puppies.  The simple recipe is designed to give your older dog the necessary protein, amino acids and carbohydrates that will make them feel better and look great.

A List Of Ingredients Found In The Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Dry Dog Food.

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food Pros:

* Limited ingredients makes it easy to see what your dog is actually eating.

* Salmon is a great source of omega 3 oils.

* No preservatives or fillers.

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food Cons:

* Not always appropriate for very small dogs.  The pieces are too big.

* Prices have been erratic.

* No longer an independent company, now owned by Smuckers.  This led to a formula change a few years ago that some people didn’t like.


We really like the limited ingredient part of this dry dog food formula, it can make it so much easier to determine which ingredients may be upsetting your pet’s stomach.

The pricing is this product is middle of the road, about $2 per pound.  It’s a good value for what you are receiving.