Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Cat Food

There is a lot to love about this super premium cat food from Rachael Ray and her Nutrish line of natural cat food.  It can be a challenge to dig through labels to find the best natural cat food for your pet, there are so many foods that have fillers.  Luckily you won’t have that problem with this product, the ingredient list is small and all natural.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Cat Food List Of Ingredients

The number one ingredient in this cat food is salmon, an ingredient that all cat owners can agree on as being beneficial to a cat’s diet.  Salmon is rich in omega 3 oils and these oils help to keep your pet’s skin soft and their fur luxurious.  Salmon is rich in amino acids as well and your cat will benefit from the salmon.  Plus, cats love the taste of salmon and your pet will love having this food.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Cat Food Ingredients.

Brown rice is the other mainstay ingredient of this premium cat food.  Just like in a human diet, brown rice is an excellent source of fiber to aid in digestion.  Brown rice is also very high in vitamin B and is a good source of carbohydrates.  Peas and beet pulp are also added for fiber and natural vitamins.

Natural Cat Food Shouldn’t Have Filler

Sometimes it’s more important to pay attention to what isn’t in your cat’s food than what is actually in it.  Far too many cat foods claim to be natural or healthy but have ground corn, wheat or soy additives.  None of these ingredients are beneficial to your cat and add empty carbs that can lead to weight gain.  Also missing from this food is poultry by-products meal and filler.  Poultry itself can be a great natural addition to cat food buy poultry by-products are exactly what the name implies.

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Changing Your Cat’s Diet

Anytime you change your cat’s diet there will be issues with your pet’s appetite, especially when you move them to a healthier diet low in empty carbs.  The Nutrish people have a chart that helps you mix your cat’s old food with this new super premium food in a way that makes it easier for your cat to switch foods.

How To Transition Your Cat To Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Cat Food.

Is This Natural Cat Food A Good Value?

For once we can say that a natural cat food is both healthy for your cat and a good value.  Most retailers will be selling this food for $17-19 for a 14 pound bag.  That works out to about $1.35 per pound and that is a very good value.  Even other types of Rachael Ray Nutrish cat foods are prices higher.

One Source Of Confusion With This Cat Food

Some people have allowed themselves to get wound up about the addition of corn gluten meal to this food, thinking that it is ground corn.  Some have decided to rant at Rachael Ray, calling her a fraud.  The problem is that the ranters don’t know what they are ranting about.  Corn meal gluten is not ground corn.  Ground corn is a common filler in pet foods and doesn’t add any nutritional benefit.  Corn gluten meal, on the other hand, is an excellent source of protein, it is the concentrated protein of corn.  It is easily digestible and is a great source of protein for your cat.  Too bad some people have decided to go crazy over something they have little knowledge of.