Use Puppy Treats For Training

Use Puppy Treats For Training

Did you know that there is a secret when it comes to training a puppy?  It’s not a special command or leash.  It’s not the subject of a 90 minute how-to video.  It’s a simple tool that everyone can and should use-puppy treats!

Using Puppy Treats

Every dog owner has struggled with the sometimes slow and frustrating process of training, taming and teaching their dog.  The process should result in some good behavior and maybe even some fun tricks.  What happens is that many owners forget about one of the main reasons that any human or dog will act: motivation.  More often than not, you need a little motivation to start exercising more or to clean out the garage.  In the same way, dogs need motivating reasons to make them want to stop wetting on your carpet or eating all of your favorite tee shirts.  Puppy treats can be a sure-fire way to help motivate your precious pet to have the behavior that you want them to have.

Using Treats For Training A Dog

Treats are a great motivator for puppies (and people!) for the obvious reason that they taste good.  When dog treats are used as a reward, dogs will want to do whatever it takes to enjoy that delicious treat.  That’s a basic reaction, isn’t it?  What would you do if you were faced with these two options in your own life: Option 1 lets you eat all of the ice cream you wanted and as often as you wanted to; Option 2 will give you ice cream only after you had put in a full hour of working out.  Would you be motivated at all to work out under the first option? Hardly anyone would be, because you can get ice cream at any time, even without a work out. Puppies and dogs will react the same.  Knowing that a certain behavior is required to get a treat is a tried and true motivator and a great tool for training your pet.

Generally dog treats are great because they are relatively inexpensive.   Like candy, however, they don’t have much nutritional value and shouldn’t be used as a food source.  Going to an obedience school can be very useful, but it can also be expensive.  Before going the school route, spend some time on your own with your pet.  Have a plan and be consistent in your training tactics.  Use dog treats as a reward, especially when starting out with basic commands.   The process of training your own puppy can be frustrating but it will be better for you and your pup in the long run.

Teaching your pup how to sit down or roll over or how to go potty outside are basic behaviors learned quickly.   Both of you will benefit from using treats as a reward.