You Just Got A New Cat. Now You Have To Care For It!

You Just Got A New Cat.  Now You Have To Care For It!

With a new cat comes new responsibilities. You are now officially a pet owner and that means you are in charge of the care and feeding of your new cat.

Taking Care Of A New Cat

One of the most important things to know about your new cat is basic cat care. People often believe cats are easy pets to care for, and they don’t need special attention. This could not be further from reality. It is not easy to take care of cats as well as dogs. However, there are some things you can do that will make your life easier as well as theirs.

A good tip for basic kitty maintenance is to give your cat water. Cats are picky creatures. They won’t drink water that isn’t clean. The water bowl should always be filled with clean, fresh water. The water bowl can be kept in the cat bed or in your living room. Place a fresh cat food or water dish near the water bowl. Fresh food will provide your cat with the nutrition they require.

You must remember to keep your cat’s place clean. A lot of cats will not do well if there’s nothing else to do than scratch and mark their territory. A nice scratching spot will make your cat’s life easier. To maintain healthy claws, it is essential to keep your cat’s nails trimmed. You should also have good scissors at your disposal.

Taking Care Of Cats And Kittens

Your Cat Needs A Lot Of Activity

Many people overlook the importance of cat play time. It doesn’t matter how much you love your cat. Cats need exercise daily to stay healthy. This is really the case when raising kittens, they will have a lot of energy.  The best way to ensure your cat is happy is to make sure you have enough space outside. Cats enjoy being outside in the fresh air. You must ensure that your outdoor area is large enough for cats.

People often forget to recognize that cats are naturally territorial and will mark their territory. They should be taught how to properly use their litter box. As kittens, you will need to teach them how to use the litter box on a daily basis. As they grow older, it will become easier for them to mark their territory with a natural method. Teaching them how to use a litter box is a good way to do this.

Also, it is important to keep the house and its surroundings free of fleas. There are many kinds of fleas that cats can contract and they can become very severe if not treated. Fleas are a serious problem that can cause severe illness in cats. You must provide the best cat care possible and give them the necessary treatment. If you neglect to treat your cats, and your house is infested from fleas, your cats could develop an intestinal parasitic disease.